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Swap your used video game discs with others, hassle free.
Swap Your Games

With over two billion players globally, video gaming is a very popular leisure activity. The video gaming industry utilizes technology more effectively than its entertainment competitors. The ease of
cryptocurrencies benefits a variety of sectors, and one of those industries is online gaming. Cryptocurrency is being used in online games to overcome problems with transactions and fraud that players face
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How It Works

Log Games

Log your currently owned games into Your Games. We will match your games with games from others with similar GameVix Scores for you.

Mail Old Game

Once your game has a matched game to swap, you'll get a notification. Once confirmed, print the postage and ship the game to the new owner.

Get New Game

You'll receive your matched new game from another owner shortly. Repeat the steps to play new games this way without breaking the wallet. Gamers who are interested in trying new games can play casinos and make real money. Online gambling and casino games are popular in Malaysia. Many casino sites are available in the country with different casino games. Visit to find the best online gambling sites in Malaysia.

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